Peter Petty and His Orchestra

Peter Petty and his Orchestra

The versatile, charismatic and remarkable Peter Petty is a favorite with Capital City Stage, Music Circus, eight seasons of Sacramento Opera and private, nonprofit and corporate events all over the region. Big Band to Rat Pack to contemporary favorites, Mr. Petty swings out with the frenetic elegance of a Tasmanian devil in a tuxedo and leads some of the most exceptional stewards of traditional jazz in the Sacramento area. Petty’s show is an exciting and entertaining homage to giants like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Mildred Bailey, Cab Calloway, and Joe Williams. Or, you might hear Ray Charles, Louis Prima, Roy Orbison, Shirley Bassey, Tom Waits, David Bowie, CAKE and Jay Z always with Petty singing every note of his 3 2/3 octave with power and captivating control.

Adding the occasional novelized lyrics, and even a few original tunes, a Peter Petty show is an infectious, eclectic, electric (and yet, still acoustic) mash-up that not only connects the dots between seemingly disparate musical genres, and artists but does it with an adventurous and hilarious theatricality that entertains the “swell” out of audiences of all ages.

A fantastic choice for..

  • Great Gatsby Themes
  • Debutante Balls
  • All age events
  • Rat Pack and Casino Nights
  • Completely custom productions available and encouraged