What is Entertainment Design?

We are like movie producers for entertainment and events.

A lot of what we do is partnering with event planners to pull off extraordinary events.

A great movie producer is able to take an idea and make it come alive and see it through till it's streaming on Netflix.

Likewise, we don't just plan events. We take ideas and turn them into experiences.

A movie producer doesn't just hire actors, they work with them to orchestrate a story.

So what's this mean for you?

It means you aren't just hiring wedding entertainment, rather we work with you to make sure every moment of your special evening hits the right emotions at the right time.

Whatever your event, we work with you to design an evening full of surprises that leaves your guests talking for years to come.


successful event that pulls off the extraordinary takes a good mix of creativity, problem solving, technical ability, strategic planning, and knowing the right people.  

HIP Crew

We love getting creative with:

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebrations & Galas
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Theme & Specialty Entertainment
  • Virtual Meetings & Events
  • Anything else you can imagine

If you have an idea, we'd love to hear it! 

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Our 20+ plus years in the industry speak for itself

Executive Producer

Steve Bloom

Event visionary, pilot, award winning teacher, and musician who discovered the endless creative opportunities producing events offers. And now he's hooked. "Everyday is something new. I like the expansiveness of event production - the client dreams it and we do it. I like taking on challenges with our Hip Team and working with artists to create personal, exciting event experiences for our clients."

Blog Author
Organizational Manager

Nellie Bloom

Organizational Management enthusiast, teacher and former business consultant, Nellie likes bringing all the threads of great events together to create a total win. Happy event attendees, happy clients, happy artists, happy event venue.. "Approaching each event with the goal of a 100 percent, 360 win means I use every skill I’ve honed in all my work experiences. It’s definitely a custom gig. I love our Hip Home Team and identifying and delivering exceptional results for our clients."

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Office Magician


Melissa is all things Hip. Melissa is the friendly voice on the phone, the contract Ninja, the answerer of all questions and more. Able to shift from Dicken’s Christmas to Mardi Gras Cirque to Mini Lady Gaga all before her second cup of coffee and with cheer undiminished - Melissa is more Office Magician than Office Manager. Happily Melissa is in daily and always delighted to take your call.

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Music Director


Rich is daily inspiring and quality focused. For over a decade Richard has applied his talent, commitment to excellence and creativity to make every Hip production outstanding.

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Highly creative, experienced and dedicated - we often say Angela is one of the best teachers, in any subject, we've seen. An exceptional and technically outstanding dancer herself, Angela puts all her experience to work inspiring and perfecting productions.

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Musical Director


Creative, driven and an experienced team leader - George helps translate client's vision into a harmonious reality.

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Event & Marketing Coordinator
Production Manager


Ira is vastly experienced and an outstanding troubleshooter. Highly regarded recording engineer, record producer, and live audio expert, he's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet! If there is a sound, power or lighting challenge - Ira can find the solution.

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Project Manager


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Event Specialist / Choreographer / Performer


Multifaceted Samee is a charismatic, dedicated and highly professional performer as well as Dance Captain and head choreographer for Hip vocalists. Samee brings her event expertise to everything from backstage to step and repeat.

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Isela expertly and creatively choreographs special productions from flash mob waiters to custom created and costumed theme productions.

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From creating and coordinating marketing campaigns to event photography and production, Asher passionately delivers.

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Marketing Intern


Want to get the word out about anything? Izzy can do it!

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In California, the law requires that “any person or entity involved in arranging employment for an artist in the entertainment field must get a license to operate as a talent agency.”

Talent agency licenses must be renewed every year and require that the agency meets stringent requirements to protect consumers, including:
- Surety Bond of $50,000
- State approved contracts
- State approved fee schedule
- Affidavits of Character
- Certificate of Liability Insurance
- Premises Certification
- Fingerprinting / Live Scan
- Trust account for deposits

Hip Entertainment has maintained our Talent Agency License since 2007. We are A+ rated and members of the Better Business Bureau.

Let us help you!

Avoid stress filled evenings and paying too much for subpar talent.

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