Glenn & Samee

Glenn & Samee have extensive backgrounds in musical performance and have entertained together in California for over 7 years. Performing as a part of popular groups like Hip Service, Big Crush, and Apple Z, Glenn & Samee delight built a strong reputation for captivating audiences in the Sacramento region.

Glenn & Samee's exceptional versatility ensures they can cater to any musical taste. Glenn & Samee can create the perfect atmosphere for any event, from intimate and elegant gatherings to fun, upbeat parties that will have your guests dancing all night. Their wide-ranging acoustic song list includes hits from across genres – jazz, folk, pop, rock, alternative, country, soul, disco, and indie. Glenn & Samee tailor their performance to perfectly match the vibe of your event.

Looking to add a touch of class and musical magic to your winery event, wedding, private party, or public function? Glenn & Samee are available for booking throughout California and beyond. Fill out the event form to learn more.